Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I think you should submit an abstract

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Thanks, Craig.

This is not your typical posting from me. But I just received a LinkedIn message and it got me motivated  enough to write this.

A colleague, who has been working with Oracle for over 15 years, sent me a message about the pearls of working for a consulting company that has kept him on the road for about a year now. He's had enough and is looking for something else that will keep him close to home. While this type of life can be painful,  it can also be plentiful.

I challenged him to submit an abstract to IOUG/Collaborate next year. While this year's big IOUG conference only a few weeks away (April 7-11) in Las Vegas, he should start thinking about submitting an abstract now.

He has tons of experience. I wrote, "You have tons of experience that younger folks need to hear about. Perhaps taking just one topic/problem that you found really interesting and had a chance to dig into this past year. People love that kind of stuff."

Most people think that their abstract will not get accepted. I've been involved with Oracle User Groups since I started working with Oracle technology in 1989! And I can tell you from experience, that I always rank a well written abstract with a well thought out outline and a very small yet deep scope very high. In fact, I recruit people for IOUG in my track that I know will do this.

So I wrote him, "There are a lot of papers accepted in the DBA area, especially when they are about real life experiences that you turn into a rock'n conference presentation!"

Think about your DBA experiences; the real specific ones that you feel proud about, the ones that you're really interested in. That's what people love to hear about, because they feel your passion!

I feel so strongly about this, I'll offer this: I will pre-review your abstract and help make it a better one.

Hope to see your abstract at next years IOUG!

All the best in your Oracle performance endeavors,